Why recruit us?

Faculty of Law under the aegis of the University of Delhi has been at the forefront in imparting high-quality legal education since 1924. It boasts of providing quality legal education at nominal cost to graduate students. Hence, its student body consists of students from the highest to the lowest economic strata of society.

LL.B. programme is offered through its three Law Centres, namely, Law Centre-I, Law Centre-II and Campus Law Centre. It also has foreign national as its students in LL.B., Master of Comparative Law (open only to foreign students) and Ph.D. programmes. Currently, the Faculty of Law has more than 150 teachers and about 7000 students in its LL.B., LL.M., and Ph.D. programmes.

Graduate students from all academic streams, namely, science, arts, commerce, social science, etc., take admission in the three year LL.B. course offered by the Faculty of Law. Many students join the LL.B. course of University of Delhi after doing post-graduation in different fields of study. Many of its students have done professional courses like Chartered Accountancy, engineering, medicine, and the like. Hence, law graduates from Faculty of Law have a varied range of academic qualifications in addition to their LL.B. degrees. Faculty of Law, being a Central University, attracts students from all over the country and abroad. Its students are, therefore, well suited to work in a multicultural and international work environment and are great team workers

The Faculty has produced innumerable legal luminaries including Supreme Court and High Court judges, academicians, jurists, advocates, lawyers, political leaders, Ministers and Chief Ministers, bureaucrats, police officers, researchers, etc. As of today, 8 judges of the Supreme Court of India and 64 judges in 14 High Courts of India are its alumni to name just one group of its alumni.  The objective of the Placement and Internship Committee is to help students identify their career goals and provide an edge in the competitive job market of the corporate and litigation world.

Placement and Internship Committee creates a platform for the students to showcase their knowledge and skill to potential recruiters. We are confident that the employers will be able to recruit meritorious candidates according to their requirements from our campus, that boasts of students from diverse academic backgrounds.

Recruiters can contact us at: placement@law.du.ac.in